Why our o hare personal valet Service Is Exactly What You Need When You Fly

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  • November 12, 2018
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November 12 2018

Looking for a o hare personal valet? We got the best next thing. but what is exactly a valet service for O hare airport? Is there really such a service?

Well, yes and not. Let me explain. In O hare airport there are many parking lots you can put your car at various prices and rate.

There is also one valet parking available if you’re in a rush and don’t have time to park your car and get to your flight.

For those days, you can either use our Chicago airport parking service or you can opt for the o hare parking lot A for the valet service available.

Here’s a map of the parking lots at O hare airport to see where you can place your car for the valet service:

o hare personal valet

This is a great access for those with flights from Terminal 1,2 and 3 as you can just drive to the garage A and follow the instructions on the valet service there. The cost of this service is as follows:

Time Day 1 Hourly
0 to 1 hour $26 $4
1 to 2 hours $26 $8
2 to 3 hours $26 $12
3 to 4 hours $26 $16
4 to 5 hours $26 $20
5 to 6 hours $26 $24
6 to 7 hours $26 $28
7 to 8 hours $26 $32
8 to 9 hours $26 $36
9 to 24 hours $61 $61

Now that’s just one option. You might be interested in other parking services around the Chicago airport that offer great value for money and sometimes can be cheaper than the onsite parking options.

For example, we at Park N Jet offer a great parking experience.

Some of the clear advantages that we offer in comparison with the O hare personal valet are:

  • Easy to use online reservation form FREE of Charge so you could reserve your spot online fast and easy.
  • We offer a discount for customers who like to pre-pay for their parking, something that most parking lots and valet services around the o hare airport do.
  • Park N Jet is located just 3 miles from the ORD terminals which gives us a very fast access and bringing you to your flight quickly and conveniently.
  • We run FREE shuttles that go to and from the airport 24 hours a day and we will pick you up and drop you off right next to your car. What we call a VIP personal valet service.
  • If you take our o hare personal valet service, your car will be cleaned of snow ,warmed and ready to go when you arrive.